Full Platform


As a cancer survivor expanding access to healthcare is my number one issue. I will always support Medicaid and advocate for legislation to reinstate adult dental coverage. Over 2 million Pennsylvania residents rely on Medicaid for healthcare coverage. Imposing caps or barriers to access Medicaid is not cost-effective and will have a negative impact on patient care. Health insurance remains unaffordable for too many people. We must continue to move forward to a Medicare for All system that separates healthcare from employment, eliminates co-pays and deductibles, reduces administrative costs and most importantly improves health outcomes.  

Public Education& Property Tax 

Pennsylvania currently ranks 46thin state share of funding for public education. This imbalance puts unsustainable pressure on public school districts trying to meet budget demands through an over-reliance on property taxes. This creates an unfair system whereas wealthier school districts have the tax revenue to fund their schools as opposed to poorer school districts. In the long run we need to shift the funding formula to a sales and income tax. To provide immediate relief I support targeted property tax breaks for lower-income households and state funding for county reassessment efforts.

Student Debt

Pennsylvania ranks worst in the nation for college student loan debt, with graduates carrying an average of $36,000 in debt. This crushing debt impedes social mobility, career choices, making major purchases and overall has a negative impact on our economy. I support the Pennsylvania Promise which guarantees students enrolled in community colleges and state universities a debt-free education, while providing more funding for job training programs.   

Reproductive Rights and Family Planning

I have always been committed to protecting women's reproductive rights and family planning services. When I lived in Washington, DC I became active with the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force. Almost every Saturday morning from 8am to 12 noon I volunteered as a clinic escort outside the Planned Parenthood at 16th and L Streets. The anti-choice bullies were often out in force harassing women as they entered the clinic. I'm ready to face the anti-choice bullies once again in Harrisburg.    

Worker Rights

I support workplace Democracy, and believe that workers have the right to organize, the right to engage in collective bargaining and the right to strike without interference from employers and the state. I support paid sick leave and raising the overtime threshold so salaried workers get paid fairly for working extra hours.   

LGBTQ Equality

Gay and transgender people are our friends, neighbors, family and coworkers. When it comes to being able to earn a living, having a place to live, or being served by a business or government office, they should be treated like anyone else and not be discriminated against.


I support more funding for the Department of Environmental Resources to monitor and regulate oil and gas drilling sites. I oppose any weakening of regulations on oil and gas drilling sites.

Animal Rights 

As the guardian of four rescued cats and the caretaker of five feral cats I will always champion legislation that helps animals. From shutting down puppy mills to banning live pigeon shoots, to enforcing more humane factory farming methods, I will always champion legislation that helps animals.  

Affordable Housing 

In Bucks County working families and senior citizens are struggling to find and maintain homes they can afford. 50% of renter households are paying 30% of their monthly income on rent. With a lack of affordable housing, it’s critical that we support anti-poverty measures like a living wage and strengthen programs like Medicaid and SNAP.     

Fair Legislative Districts

The state Supreme Court ruling which ordered congressional districts to be redrawn is not permanent, and it did not address state legislative districts. The Constitution mandates that political districts be redrawn every ten years to reflect population shifts. Legislative districts could once again be gerrymandered for the 2022 election. It's make no sense allowing the party that controls the General Assembly to draw legislative districts to their advantage. I support an independent non-partisan redistricting commission to draw legislative districts.

Gun Safety 

I support the Second Amendment, but we need common-sense gun safety laws. I support universal background checks, gun violence restraining orders and a statewide law requiring lost and stolen guns be reported to police.

Restoring SEPTA Service 

Upper Bucks is a public transit desert sandwiched between the outer Philadelphia suburbs and the Lehigh Valley. A lack of public transit negatively impacts our local economy and increases traffic congestion. I will work with county, state and federal officials to bring SEPTA service back to Upper Bucks.