Brian Kline for State Representative

145th District

Moving Upper Bucks Forward

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Many of us have gone through struggles at some point in our lives. I have. I understand what it’s like to stand in an unemployment line. I understand what it’s like to have a job paying a few dollars above minimum wage. I understand what it’s like to be sick without health insurance.

Having lived through those struggles makes me a stronger person, a stronger candidate for state Representative who understands the struggles working families face everyday. Our elected leaders should go through rough patches in life to obtain the value of empathy. They need to walk a mile in the shoes of the average retail worker earning a poverty wage and struggling to pay rising healthcare costs. They need to walk a mile in the shoes of the young mother worried about paying the electric bill to keep her children warm in winter.           

So I enter this campaign standing with working families. As Democrats, we cannot campaign in fear of what our opponents may label us. If you campaign in fear, you will govern in fear. We must be strong and offer progressive solutions to rebuild the middle class and ensure justice for all.

~ Brian Kline

Candidate for Pennsylvania's 145th Legislative District